Mr. Noodle is Barmy. Mrs. Noodle is Dotty.

Well, now you’ve been introduced, it’s time to read

about their simple, yet strangely islemp* lives.

Let their daily hilarious mayhem unwind you…,

remind you…, and find you relaxed…, untaxed….,

not stressed…, with renewed zest for life.

  • simple, but convoluted


Mr. Noodle and the Motor Car

Mr Noodle and the Vegetables

Mr Noodle at the Fair

Mr Noodle and the Bull

Mr Noodle’s Busy Afternoon

Mr Noodle’s Deliciously Good Idea

Mr Noodle and the Logs +

Mr Noodle and the Leaves

Mr Noodle’s Christmas Party

Suitable for children aged 3 to 12 – and their parents, grandparents, carers, aunts and uncles. In fact, anyone who would like to read them!

Published by Fairmead Creative Writing (Jill Hudson)

Written by Geoffrey Fairmead Illustrated by Heather Payne